High Hook Lures LLC

High Hook Lures LLCHigh Hook Lures LLC

Needlefish Lures Made to Catch Big Fish

Made primarily to catch striped bass, they can also be used for offshore fishing.

Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who came out to this winter’s fishing shows. Things were going so well and then along came the pandemic.  Now we’re better off being safe than sorry.  Practice social distancing, go fishing.


Dinner Catchers are on display at the ZeeBaas Shop

I use a ZeeBaas 27 on my everyday big rig.  It’s my favorite.  If you go to the ZeeBaas shop check out the small High Hook Lures display.

The new B-2 is made to look like Dinner Catcher only LARGER.


B-2 is a large, sleek, long casting needlefish lure, made to catch BIG Fish!

B-2 is 15”+ long with two 5/0, 6X VMC trebles. Its improved design includes a stronger snout. It’s made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar with standard .062 stainless steel through wire, 230 lb. SPRO swivels and 200 lb. Wolverine split rings.

High Hook Lures on Cuttyhunk!

Check out the Cuttyhunk Island Store

If you visit the island you’ll probably stop by the Island Market for something, they have a little of everything, including a selection of High Hook Lures.  They are right by the deli case at the front of the store.

I have always fished my lures on Cuttyhunk, so when I started my company it was only natural to find a way to offer them where I know they’ll do some good. 


How do you carry Biggie?


I’m often asked this question.

I use a 3 tube surf bag with a front pouch.  Biggie fits right over the top with all the hooks on the inside.  I also use the front pouch.  The hooks go on the inside so I can carry my big lures safely.